Thursday, September 4, 2008

my fave Chocolates


I am a huge chocolate eater and couldnt choose just one there all soo good.... yumm!!
All chocolates are especially tasty and yummy!! But my heart belongs to See's... Its to die for!
I dont really know what brand is best coz i think i love any brand..

These are my favorites.....
  • Ferrero Rocher- it taste good and it has a creamy hazelnut filling inside...
  • I like M&M's too especially the blue one... 
  • Goldkenn swiss chocolate- delicately silky smooth and has these paper thin almond silvers running through it.. 
  • Dove Chocolates - Pretty damn good!!!! soo creamy... its only chocolates no nuts.. it will satisfy your craving.. really smooth and it melts on your mouth..
  • Toblerone Milk Chocolates - i enjoy the richness & melt in your mouth goodness
  • Ghirardelli Mint & Dark Chocolates - very good too... Dark chocolates is good for the health..
Chocolate keeps me HAPPY!!

best chocolate is the one u can eat wish is all chocolate so all chocolate is good because is chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate and all chocolate....                                                                        

Friday, August 22, 2008

chocolates forever

SEE's Chocolates and Candies
Truly a dream box of delectable chocolates a magnificient assortment of
milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, brittles and toffees, nuts and chews, fudge, truffles,lolly pops and sugar free candies.. wow.. the last time i had a box of this amazing chocs was 8 months ago.. errr.. i miss SEE's... donate a box.. for me.. haha

Sunday, August 10, 2008

random... Q&A.. thankful for what's happening right now..

at the moment i ask myself many different questions about many different things in my life. I want to attain the goals i have set myself and one of my preoccupations at the moment is my love life. i am asking myself when and where i am going to meet the right man and whether or not this will be the perfect person for me because i often attracted the wrong kind of men. I understand this, i have no patience for men who are jealous or who lack confidence. Moreover, just to quickly describe a feeling which came to me while I wrote this,  the memory of an important relationship in my past that did not work out... errr.. and my relationships with others in general i am sensitive to other people's feelings, often put other people's needs before my own (especially those of friends and family) and i get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping others. .. (im an angel) lol

P.S. i cant waste time..  i realize nothings broken no need to worry about
everything ive done... (familiar?) 

 (love this questions... really)

1] Say you were in a relationship for 2 years and your boy/girlfriend cheated on you:
→ hell...
[2] What was the last conversation you had with your best friend about?:
→ it was about shopping. again. ;-)
[3] Your most recent ex says he/she hates you, you say:
→ likewise lang...
[4] Are you afraid of roller coasters?:
→ i love rollercoasters!
[5] Would you rather go to a party in or out of town?:
→ go to an out of town party!
[6] What are you supposed to be doing right now?:
→ sleeping...Ooopsie.
[7] One wish?:
→ im in China right now watching the Olympics & cheering...
[9] How is life going for you right now?:
→ Could be better but im thankful for what's happening right now. :)
[10] Do you miss any ex girlfriends/boyfriends?:
→ no
[11] Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?:
→ he doesnt know he needs to know the truth. ;)hahhaa
[12] Last person to comment you?:
→ bestfriend julah
[13] Is there any meaning behind your profile song?
→ is it working?
[14] Do you believe what comes around goes around?:
→ absofreakinlutely.
[15] What is your favourite fruit?:
→ mango
[17] Do you trust people easily?:
→ yeah. sue me..
[18] Who's the one person that always gets you through the day?:
[19] Do you give out second chances easily?:
→ that's my problem.
[20] Do you like hugs or do you freak when people hug you?:
→ iFREAK... LOL...
[21] Done anything illegal?:
→ lately? hmm. not so much.
[22] Do you like steak?:
→ medium rare?
[23] Are you a lover or a fighter?:
→ i hate this question..
[24] What colour are your eyes?:
→ blackish brown. okay, black. happy?
[25] When was the last time you went out?
→ a few hours ago.
[26] What was the last movie you saw?:
→ mummy 3
[27] Who made you smile today?:
→ gramma
[28] Do you smile a lot?:
→ yeah
29] Best thing that happened to you this week?:
→ hilarious convos with friends..

bY kReola2

Monday, July 28, 2008


Fragrance is a fashion statement. Perfumes, fragrances and scents from a billion dollar industry that takes an active part in the advancement of fashion.

Some of the most famous includes Chanel No.5 by Coco Chanel, Joy by Jean Patou, Femme by Rochas, Miss Dior by Christian Dior, and Opium by Yves St. Laurent...

  •    CK SUMMER. A Watery, woody fragrance that is clean, playful and easy to wear.
  • DAVIDOFF AFVENTURE. Its intense yet fresh spicy woody fragrance explores and reveals the rawness of masculinity.
  • "M" by Mariah Carey. A beautiful melodic fragrance that combines the essence of floral, spice, wood and marshmallow.
  • Vera Wang Princess. Playful and enchanting, this floral scent captures the charm and spirit of feminity.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bag Borrow or Steal

Want to carry the hottest bags? Without spending a lot of $$$?? Then borrowing is for you.. Bag Borrow or Steal has the hottest bags. Including Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Coach and LV.. Enjoy a bag as long as u like then exchange it  for something new..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Australian Twist

2 parts Absolut Vodka
1 part Lemonade
2 parts Plymouth Gin
2 parts Tequila
Cocktail Onion
Cocktail Onion

Chill a sling glass with ice or in the freezer. Pour absolut vodka, lemonade, plymouth gin and tequila into a mixing glass. Fill the mixing glass with dry ice cubes and stir. Remove the ice and meltwater from the sling glass. Strain the drink into the sling glass. Garnish with a cocktail onion (whole), a cocktail onion (oncocktailstick) and a lime (wedge).


1 part Absolut Vodka
1 part Scotch Whisky
1 part Strawberry Syrup
1 part Tequila
Mint Leaf

Chill a highball glass with ice or in the freezer. Pour absolut vodka, scotch whisky, strawberry syrup and tequila into a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake it until the shaker is very cold. Empty the highball glass from ice and water. Strain the drink into the highball glass. Garnish with a cherry (whole), a lemon (slice), a mint leaf (leaf) and an orange (slice)